IMG_1960I am a British-American researcher and editor, with wide-ranging experience across universities, research institutes, consultancies and non-profits.

I have degrees in politics and international relations from Oxford University and the University of London. My PhD examined the development of Somaliland’s biometric voter registration, using interviews, ethnography and archives. I have taught and lectured on African politics and qualitative research methods, and conducted immersive fieldwork in sub-Saharan Africa. My articles, book chapters and reviews have been published in leading journals and forums.

My research interests include electoral technology and voter registration in the Global South, biometric identification and the politics of national identity. I am currently working on a manuscript about identity verification and authentication, specifically the nexus between social practices and digital technologies. I am a three-time international election observer in Somaliland and South Sudan, and have also volunteered as a polling supervisor in California.

In addition to my research expertise, I am an experienced editor, able to undertake forward planning and end-to-end production of products from electronic newsletters to research monographs. I have worked in-house for a political magazine and international think tank, consulted for the UN, and also completed freelance projects on issues as diverse as technical assessments of humanitarian assistance to meditation.

I currently live in San Francisco, CA.

For my résumé, please visit LinkedIn.